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Roger Barnet: Animation Manager, Transformers Universe
Jagex Games Studio

Rob Hemmings came to visit us here at Jagex. All of the team gained valuable insight into detailed methods that use simple techniques to get the best from blocking and refining animation. The course is practical and the better for it and we all produced a fine piece of work which most of us will be using on our personal reels. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob and his course for your animation team/studio. His teaching style is laid back but really incisive, as a 15 year veteran I still found myself hungrily learning the tips and tricks he was teaching us. The course was excellent value as the concepts can directly be used on our project in cut scene production, and the work flow ideas have an even larger and longer lasting impact. Thumbs up and five stars!“
5 Day On Site Classes  –  Creature Course

Paul Unders

A-Team is a fantastic workshop and Rob is a amazing Mentor. A-Team has provided me with a new understanding of Animal mechanics and behaviour. It has greatly improved my keyframe skills in 4 legged Animation. I highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to learn animal animation.

I know it was the Cat animation that got me the job at Rebellion, They thought it was motion captured! Hoping to do another

Kahye Hwang

Animator at MPC

I had been working on the Metal Gear Solid V games in Tokyo, Japan. The studio was abruptly dissolved by its parent company this March. Immediately after that, I was picked up by MPC Vancouver.

The interesting part about all of this is that the person who hired me used to work at Double Negative with you in the UK. She knew about your Ateam school and I think this is the reason she took the chance and hired me. I still use the cat animation I made at Ateam and she seemed to be impressed by it.

I’m working on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice right now. I’m happy to be working on feature films, finally!

Deepak Venkatraman

Thanks to you I got the job at Rockstar Games, without the creature animation course it would have been much harder for me to reach this level. Mentioning I have done creature animation course in my resume greatly helped me in getting the job. Joining the creature animation course is the best thing i have done when it comes to animation learning. Its totally worth it. Thanks Rob.

Alex Potts

I had a look back earlier at my starting point and you really have taught me a ridiculous amount and given me a keener eye for motion. Really appreciate what you’ve done for my progression as an animator! Thanks again. Alex.

Chris Whyte

You’ve been a brilliant tutor and I’ve learnt even more than I was expecting and improved an awful lot.

Chris has just started work at the Large Evil Corporation in Bath on the Now TV adverts.

Paul Smith

Having made a speculative application, I was invited for an interview last week at a VFX studio in London and I’ve now been offered a position in the animation team on a live action feature film!

Paul has just finished a contract at London, Soho studio, Cinesite.

Sawan Thakrar

I wouldn’t have thought six months ago that I’d ever be able to animate creatures so quickly.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and am glad I made the decision to do it, although  now it’s over I’m not quite sure what to do with myself!

Sawan is now working at London Soho studio Cinesite.

Kahye Hwang(2)

Thank you for providing reference.
One of the reasons the recruiters at Konami decided to interview me was the cat animation on the reel. They were very curious and amazed about how realistic it looked. I was just happy with the work created during the aTeam course but having been able to land a job with it is like an icing on the cake! I’m very glad that I took the course.

Dafydd Morris

Thanks so much for all you help and feedback, it really has been invaluable. Its been so useful learning all the techniques you’ve taught me over the
last 6 months. I am really pleased with the end result, I feel confident I can start a new piece in my own now.

Mohammad Sadeh

Taking the six months course at Ateam was an awesome experience and I learned so much about animating creatures in realistic and dynamic way, the techniques you learn with Rob is incredible and he opened my eyes to a whole new level of understanding how to approach my shot and how to break it down to be able to animate it in the most efficient way!  this is the course you should take if you wanna learn great creature animation!”

Eugene Mischenko

“Having several years experience in 3D character animation, I have already started to use learned techniques from the creature school in my daily work. The approaches I’ve discovered on the course are very difficult to find out for oneself. It’s vitally important to be criticized by an experienced animator, because this is the only way to level up and Rob definitely shows how to take it to a new level”. Thanks Rob, you are opening my eyes”

Eugene is now animating on Gozilla at Double Negative in London.

Aaron Clement

I showed our producer my work on this course and he’s agreed to let me animate one of the animals. I’m excited to be given this opportunity… and have this course to thank for it.

Roberto Pita

Thanks very much for all the advice and all the knowledge you have passed on. For the price I paid for the Creature Animation Course and the workflow, tips and tricks I was taught, it was well well worth it! I always recommend the course to my colleagues. I feel a whole lot more confident when approaching a shot, even the crazy ones. And when reading all your critiques I have learnt how to critique my own and colleagues work more clearly and in depth. So thanks very much.

Eduardo Castells Mateo (Student of the 5 Day Course)

From an animators point of view, Rob’s course was mind opening to some new workflows that I hadn’t thought about before, and very useful in a day to day basis. But most of all I picked a couple of very important things along those five days, that in my opinion, any creature animator should have as part of their skillset, one being the eye to choose good reference for your work and even more important the eye to capture what matters most from that reference.

Rob’s expertise is excellent in this tasks. His eye for minute nuances which make your overall creature animation way more realistic, is one of the most valuable things I learnt from him during my course. Highly recomendable. Thanks again Rob.”

Eduardo is now working in Ads at MPC London.

David Beer

This course has been incredibly useful to me, as a mid level animator who has tried several pieces a creature animation but not always succeeded in getting a natural flow and ‘intention’ in my shots. I learnt new ways of planning and blocking out my ideas and important ways to create a dynamic, flowing performance and to take the polish to a new level.

This has taken alot of the stress out of the process and made the prospect of starting a new shot less overwhelming. There are many animation courses out there, and I’ve gone through several of them. I can safely say that this course has been the most useful instruction with regards to the type of animation that is sought after in the VFX companies in London.

Alberto Gracia

Thanks Rob 🙂
I learned a lot with your course, I really appreciate your efford to answer everyday. I will highly recommend it!

Aditya Gupta

I’ve had a great time doing this…. my job was  really hectic in the middle, however the course was possible because I could submit the work for crit in my own time. Overall its been a great experience and im really happy with what ive got from it – in terms of learning  and the final product!

Luis Batista

I signed up for the creature online tuition by Rob because although I have been animating for years, I did not have a clear idea on how to tackle quadruped animation, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn from someone that has extensive experience with creature animation. Using Rob’s techniques and tips, it has made it so much easier and fun for me to animate creatures. A well explained process that I can reply on to get faster and good quality animation. Thanks Rob!

Brecht Debaene

This being my first realistic creature animation piece, Rob helped me to get it to the level where it needed to be. This was the only creature piece on my reel and was pivotal in getting the attention of a major VFX studio!

Brecht hired you as a Recruitment consulting in 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I first came across the animationAteam website at the end of november 2009, by the end of december I had 2 interviews with major vfx houses thanks to Rob. He allowed me to get noticed directly by the people that make the decisions. Because he showed my work directly to animation supervisors, I was able to get response much faster. Rob was always very approachable for any questions I may have. I have him to thank for my first job abroad, and will be happy to continue working with him in the future. Thanks Rob 🙂 ”

Fernando Herrera

Fernando hired you as a Recruiter in 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Rob did a great job on putting me in touch with studios overseas and passing on my work. I definitely think animationAteam.com is a superb idea for both studios and animators.”

Alexandro Castro

Alexandro hired you as a Recruiter in 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity
“Living in Amazonas, Brazil, right in the middle of the amazon forrest, I always have difficult to contact big studios overseas. Rob encouraged me to apply for positions in studios that I could not imagine interested in my skills, but Rob was very positive and he took my work straight to the decision team very quickly and after this they interviewed me.Thanks Rob!”

Paul Ramsden

Paul hired you as a Recruiter in 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“When i first saw the post that a “big studio” was hiring, I did not think i would be setting up an interview with them less than a month later…. And that is all because of the work of one man… Cheers Rob”

Cristin McKee

“Robert was very supportive and encouraging as he helped me land an interview with my dream job overseas. I had been rejected by this studio several months earlier, so I know that it was due to his recommendation that I managed to get so far. Thank you so much for providing such a great resource for animators in animationateam.com”

Emanuel Amler

Emanuel hired you as a Recruiter in 2010
Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity
“Robert did a great and very fast job in getting me in touch with the people in charge at a big animation studio. I never had an interview that fast! He is very passionate about helping animators getting a job in the industry and in my opinion he is very good in that. thanks for helping me to get the job robert!”

Ignacio Santamaria

Previs Animator / Shot Creator
at The Third Floor
I recently finished a course with Rob and the experience was amazing!
With an outstanding eye for detail and knowledge, he quickly provides very good feedback and really push your limits forward.
Simple, quick and efficient. If you want to raise your creature animation skills, this course is the right choice

Eugene Mishchenko

The approaches I’ve discovered on the course are very difficult to find out for oneself. It’s vitally important to be criticized
by an experienced animator, because this is the only way to level up and Rob definitely shows how to jump above one’s head.
Even after finishing the course I’m eager to learn more & decided to continue polishing my skills with Rob.

Raphael Sousa

freelance animator
Rob is doing an amazing job with the 3D Creature Animation Course.
His approach and his attention to details make this course a great resource for anyone that is serious about animation.
Besides that he is also a recruiter and he can put you in contact with that great studio that you are trying to talk to. 🙂 !
It was an amazing experience and I recommend it!

Harinarayan Rajeev

Animator at Industrial Light & Magic
The amount of knowledge which Rob shared with me during the course tenure was really helpful and informative, that it not only
improved my eye for detail for creature animation but for all kinds of animations.He is really friendly and has good level of patience
and is very good in his field of expertise…i am really looking forward to working with him on some interesting project/s in the future 🙂

Michael Morgan

Character Animator/ Creative Artist/ Nurishment for the Soul!
Rob Hemmings Animationateam course is simply the number one place to learn creature animation!
Rob has the ability to teach the fine details of what makes realistic creature animation work. He knows how to look at your work and help you explore ways in which to plus the performance.
Robs amazing workflow and generous nature is what makes this course truly special.
I learnt a ton from Rob and recommend his course to anyone that wants to really understand the ins and outs of animal behaviour and creature animation.
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