Online Comic Character Animation Course

Meet some of the characters that you can animate on our 7.5 month course:
You can design your own character, so not restricted to just this assortment of oddballs.

We also have an interesting selection of environments and props:

The Character Animation school follows the same format as our creature course:

*No registration fee at all. (why do you have to pay this on other courses?)
*You will learn from a top Feature Film professional.
*No frills, just a pure learning experience.
*Around £35K less than a degree course in character animation!.
*£200GBP discount if you already did either the Online or 5 Day Creature Courses.
*Students will produce the highest quality keyframe animation that you expect from
*Work in your own time and from home.
*Build up your sequences like a real studio.
*Get Maya free for course duration and beyond (industry standard).

Character Animation Course Tutor

The Supervising mentor for the course is Chuck Duke recently finished work on Frankenweenie.

Chuck has 20 years of feature film stop frame and 3D animation experience and has worked at Walt Disney Pictures, Lucas Film, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios to name but a few and is now also a tutor on our Stop Motion Course. Productions that Chuck has worked on include Frankenweenie, Hellboy, Rango, Fantastic Mr Fox, Star Wars The Phantom Menace, Small Soldiers and James & The Giant Peach and many more.

Structure and Syllabus


The course is designed in a similar way to the Creature Course, to be the same as if you were working on a shot in a film studio, from the beginning right through to the end.

communication is daily through the student sending a movie and then the tutor emails back a crit (using a mix of notes, images and movies). These emailed instructions are bespoke, relating to the issues of your latest submission. This means you are not tied down to any specific times. You study whenever you like, the course is designed to fit in around full-time work or college commitments.

You learn all the techniques whilst animating your sequence.

The tutor starts the course by emailing a few instructions on some basic tasks, you send back a movie based on these instructions and then we go from there.

Pre-recorded instructional movies are issued to help demonstrate techniques, but these are just to back up any bespoke points that are made in the daily emails.

Syllabus (There are 5 Modules, each is 6 weeks in duration):

Module A

1.This includes: a general introduction to Maya basics such as: familiarisation with Maya toolset and some simple animation, from animating a bouncing balll  to adding character and life to inanimate objects.

Module B

1.Choose the Character rig. Eleven pre designed characters are available but you can design your own unique character with the versatile rig that we use.

2.Storyboard ideas for your sequence, identify the objective.

3.Thoughts, emotion, action and re-action. How to capture how your character feels
through motion. Identifying the signs and nuances of recogniseable emotions through performance. Study of live action reference to identify these traits. Thought before movement.

Module C

1.Some great tips on how your character can gain the empathy of the audience, relevant to your specific sequence.

2. Dialiogue, observing lip movement to identify the important poses and shapes and inbetweening techniques to enable convincing and believeable lip sync.

3.Acting techiques, changing expression and contrast.

Module D

1. Posing keyframes (Blocking animation): Use of stepped keys to create important key poses.

2. Study of relevant online live action movies:
Observing timing, spacing and arcs.

3. Gaits: walk, trots, runs, jumps and skips that are relevant to your scene, variations of the norm and study of weight shift. Tips on how to create convincing cycles quickly.

Module E

1. Path animation techniques.

2. Splining and timing the keyposes

3. Polishing animation: Tips and advice on how to add the wow factor!

4. Weight pass: Some extra neat tricks that will give your chatracter size.

We will also offer advice on how to build an impressive reel which will showcase your talent as a professional animator.

If you would like to join the 7.5 Month Online VFX Character Animation Course please contact me: here.

Special Offer:
Just because a new character animation school has started here at it doesn’t mean the creatures are going to be taking a back seat. There’s bound to be a little period of adjustment:

But we’re all going to be getting on just fine…eventually!!


Infact we now have a special offer that combines two course to give you the maximum learning experience in the shortest time and for the best price.

Special Offer:
If you take the 5 Day Creature Short course first, then you get a £200GBP reduction from the price of the Comic Character Course.

The 5 day Course is ideal preperation for the character course, you learn full body animation techniques on the creature school that will then provide you with skills to accompany the facial and other animation methods that you study during the online character lessons…. the perfect combination.

If you are interested in this offer then please register here and mention the offer in your enquiry..thankyou!

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