1. What software and how much will it cost?

You will require a license of Autodesk’s Maya, the educational version is supplied totally free of charge for the duration of the all our Maya based courses and beyond. For the Stop Motion Course we use the industry standard software to ensure our students are prepared for life in the professional world.  Dragonframe is supplied free (normally costs $295 per licence) this includes a keypad that will be sent to you along with a free professional quality armature.

2.Do any students of your course work full time while doing the course, as I would be doing?

Yes, most infact, all our courses require a certain level of commitment but they have been specifically designed to allow the student to work around a busy schedule.

3.What is the structure of the course, I mean weekly or daily classes?

Communication is daily through you sending a movie and me emailing back a crit, in the form of bespoke notes, images, movies and Maya scene files. The same structure applies to the Stop Motion Course.

4.What are the key subjects you teach?

All exercises are direct building blocks that develop the sequence storyboarded by the student. Your sequence will be developed in the same way that it would be for a VFX studio, from planning right through to finishing.
You will be studying the following:
-Development of your sequence idea
– storyboard.
-Planning the sequence.
-Analysing live action reference.
-Development of cycles.

Techniques to help create convincing cycles quickly
-Path animation.
-Blocking animation techniques, Observe creature behaviour and typical personality traits with close attention to timing and poses.
-Refining the timing of splined block.
-Polishing animation:tips and advice on how to add the wow factor!
-Weight pass: Some neat tricks that will give your creature/animal size.

5. Why should I do your course?

Its simple… -to sharpen the eye and learn professional skills that the animation industry requires. -very competetively priced compared to other online training. -learn from an experienced professional of film VFX. -learn fast, you will cover all subjects over the duration of the course. -regular feedback, 3 or more crits a week. -bespoke crits backed up with images and movies created according to any particular issues that you may be having. -complete set of instructional notes and video to backup the key stages. -fantastic rigs to animate. – fur rendering service to give your creaure animation sequence an even more professional look (fur rendering for creature courses only).

6. Are the Creature Courses and Stop Motion Course all online?

Yes, the student can work from any location with internet access and when it is convenient, around full-time college study or employment. (The 5 Day creature course requires your physical attendance in class)

7.Is it possible for people like me living outside the UK to follow these courses?

Yes it is because the animation course is entirely online, so you could be anywhere in the world and learn on these courses.

8.Are the teachings live or are they from recorded videos?

The teaching is from bespoke feedback that you will receive via email from your tutor. There may be images or movies attached to this feedback to help backup the notes, but you do not follow pre recorded videos, you follow your personal tutors instruction.

The feedback is not live so you do not have to be at a machine at any particular time. You decide when and where you want to work on your course studies.

9.What is the schedule?

Everbody works at a different speed and with varying time allocated to the course. The schedules are bespoke to each student and is determined by the frequency of submissions made by the student.

10.When can I start?

You can start at anytime depending on number of current bookings at the time of your enquiry. A start date will usually be offered a month after your enquiry.

11.Can I ask questions at anytime?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of questions you can ask and you can ask them at anytime. This is all part of the learning process, you wont move onto the next stage until you are completely happy with the current tasks to hand.

12.How does it affect the schedule if I live in a different timezone?

It doesn’t make any difference, you have daily feedback wherever you live.

13.How much experience do I require?

The 8 month creature course you don’t need any, it can be taught from scratch, in this instance you would need to complete a two month pre-course before embarking on the 6 month creature course. You will need to know your way round the Maya toolset to undertake the 6 Month creature course. You should have some experience of animating to start the 3 Month course. The same applies to the character course. Any animation experience would be useful on the stop motion course however because we can adapt the course to suit a students level it can be taught to completely new starters, please make us aware of your experience level when applying and options will be discussed.

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