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In addition to our animation school, we also offer a recruitment service. With an extensive database of experienced professionals, we can match the animator with the right skills to your project. No matter how big or small your project is, we can source the best talent available to suit your budget.

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To use our free service please make a request for the password using the contact form, thanks:)

Helping studios find their VFX crew

I provide a Specialist Recruitment service to cater for your specific requirements, candidates are all individually selected based on their skills and experience and in some cases trained at our online animation school. The fee for this service is:


15% (+VAT) of the candidates salary duration for up to one year in the positon you’re hiring for. These are rates that you will find difficult to beat from any other recruitment company.


Submit a request for our bespoke recruitment service using our contact form here.

Want to hire vfx crew or would like more information regarding any of the above please contact me here has recruited for:

mpc haibun
nivz capricorn


“Thanks for all the great recommends Rob. This helps so much. It’s so hard to find great animators, but your online school has got some great talent (good job). I’ll keep in touch as I am always developing new cg projects.” Anthony Scott Burns: VFX Supervisor


“We found the service that Rob offers was fantastically helpful. He understood our specific requirements and so we didn’t have to look through endless reels of unsuitable candidates. He took some of the burden of searching for the right person away from us and is always on the end of the phone when you need him.” Rushes


Eugene was extremely dedicated to the project and worked very hard to create perfectly believable CG foxes for our film  lorcan Finnegan (Director)



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