Online Advanced QPAS Techniques

3 Month Course in Advanced QPAS Techniques

The QPAS (Quadruped Path Animation System) mel script has become the integral too in my daily work flow. Over the last few years I have made much progress developing and honing new practices that even I had not anticipated when I first created QPAS 10 years ago.

This course teaches new techniques learnt and developed through the continued use of QPAS over a long time period. It will change the way you approach a project and help you create even faster higher quality animations. This work flow is especially effective in previs and postvis where there is always a trade-off between speed and quality.

Course Overview

You will learn to map out a complete sequence (of your design, any creature or character) with high quality animation using QPAS to place multiple cycles and transitions quickly into your scene. Then I will show you how to speedily add in new tools that give you control in areas requiring non-cycling acting performance by adapting QPAS’s easily editable framework.
All this but still retaining the ability to amend all the sequences underlying animation cycles and transitions.

Our QPAS script has not changed, it is the same script we have always sold and are currently selling on the site today.

The course will cater for either creature or character sequences.

Copycat versions of QPAS can be found for sale on the internet offering automation
of its features, however the authors of such scripts do not have the same extensive working experience required to understand QPAS’s full potential.

Automation completely negates the ability to access QPAS’s most powerful attributes which I continue to discover to date and which I will be personally teaching on this course. You cannot create convincing film quality creature performance using a system that automatically ties the feet to the ground. The position of each foot placement should be chosen by the animator to create a more natural quality. No obligation register here.
*NB You will need to have a good working knowledge of Autodesk Maya and be able to animate creatures or characters to a competent level.If you have any questions please fill out the form here.
I will contact you via return email asap.


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